Khmer Krama - Jasmine Malis

Khmer Krama - Jasmine Malis

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Alternating stripes of champagne pink and cornflower blue evoke the cooling lightness of fresh Malis (Southeast Asian jasmine) blossoms at dusk to quench both the eye and shade the head and neck during the hot season.


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Krama Scarves by Kambuja Trading Co. are hand woven with locally dyed 100 % cotton by artisans of the Cambodian Weaving Village in Cambodia. Each scarf is made with the highest quality threads to ensure the products longevity of wear.

Any irregularities are not defects, but unique characteristics born from the handweaving process. Your krama is like a person, with a spirit, a soul, and original features. Wear with pride and treat accordingly.

Care: hand wash gently in cold water, with natural cleansers only. NO BLEACH. Hang dry out of direct sunlight. Your krama will get softer with wear, yet stay strong and vivid.