Kampot Peppercorns Set

Kampot Peppercorns Set


Black Pepper - The most common and versatile variety, Kampot black peppers deliver a strong and intricate aroma. The flavor ranges from intensely spicy to mildly sweet, with hints of flower, eucalyptus, and mint. Perfect for fish and poultry.

White Pepper - Picked when the green peppercorns turn slightly yellow or bright red. They are soaked in a hot water bath for several days so the husk can be removed, then dried.

Red Pepper - Red pepper is created by allowing the green peppercorn to ripen on the vine for a longer period of time, then soaked before removing the husk and dried. Only a few peppercorns can be harvested to make red pepper, making red peppercorns the most sought after. Red pepper flavor has is exceptionally aromatic, but with a hint of sweetness, making it perfect for red meat.  

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The Kampot Peppercorns

The Kampot Peppercorns come in three variations: red, black, and white featuring distinct characteristics and flavor profiles. Each variation is organic, made with zero chemicals, grown sustainably, and grown exclusively in the Kampot region of Cambodia.

“Cambodia's Black Gold: In culinary circles, Cambodian Kampot Pepper is the condiment du jour ... and catching on around the world.” - Fah Thai Magazine

Sothy’s Farm produces various types Kampot Peppercorns that follow the guidelines of the French organization EcoCert - requiring farms to avoid the use of chemical fertilizers or insecticides. Sothy’s Farm also ensures fair working wages for their workers and utilizes natural resources to sustain electricity on the farm.