About Us

Kambuja Trading Co. was founded to support a social movement in Cambodia, aimed at creating a market for small business entrepreneurs and artisans. We source products directly from social businesses who promise fair wages and opportunities for their employees to take creative control of their own paths.

The name Kambuja Trading is derived from ‘Kambuja-Desa’, an ancient term to describes the Khmer Empire that ruled over most of mainland Southeast Asia.

Our logo incorporates traditional Cambodian art patterns with the face of King Jayavarman VII, considered by many as Cambodia's greatest ruler - ruling the ancient Khmer Kingdom between 1181 and 1218 BC.

Kambuja Trading Co. is our way of paying respect to Cambodia's past and future.

Our Mantra

Impactful  - Every product sold has a positive ripple effect and impact on the artisan and maker communities throughout Cambodia. 

Transparent - We aim to share the personal stories of the artisans and makers behind our products, to inspire our customers to shop with purpose.

Fresh  - Our products are designed and sourced with the goal of making fair-trade fun, hip, and fresh.