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The Cambodian lifestyle is the inspiration behind Kambuja Trading Co.'s narrative. The people and the usual commonplace was the genesis for our first product - The Krama (Cambodian scarf). 

The krama is rooted in the country's history and dates as far back to the Angkor period. This versatile piece of fabric is unmistakably Cambodian. It is said to have over 60 documented uses, but you'll find most locals using it to protect themselves from the elements or wiping away sweat during the afternoon heat. 

To make this special product, we partnered with a special group of local women who's mission is to empower each other through ethical and transparent trade of handmade products. 

A small village of women started "The Weavers Project", whose purpose was to create products for globally ethical shoppers who make the conscious decision to buy products that create positive impact. 

Kambuja Trading Co. works closely with the Women of the Weavers Project to design a contemporary scarf while still utilizing the traditional methods. 




The Weaving Village

The artisans of the Cambodian Weaving Village put countless hours of meticulous care into each of these handmade Kramas. We tasked ourselves to working alongside them to understand their process. We didn’t expect to be blown away by their dedication to the craft, and the art of this age-old technique. From picking raw cotton to extracting dyes from natural ingredients like nearby bark and flowers, each step was like a stroke of paint on canvas. We documented the work of these dope eight women on our last visit. You’ve got to watch their amazing process.