What's Our Story

We founded Kambuja Trading Co. because we saw the amazing rebirth Cambodia is experiencing, and wanted to create a socially responsible marketplace to bring Khmer culture to the world. We work with small businesses in Cambodia that promise fair wages and opportunities for their employees to take charge of their own destiny. These aren’t just partnerships, these are our families. And we’re dedicated to enriching their lives.

Anthony Teav is a son of two Cambodian refugee immigrants who came to the United States in 1979.  His commitment to connecting with the people of his motherland stem from deep influences of his family who remain connected, despite having to flee during the Khmer Rouge.  The motivation to work alongside artisans, changemakers and social business in Cambodia stemmed from the news coverage of the garment factory protest in 2014. Anthony hopes that Kambuja Trading Co. will be a leader in fair wages and create opportunities for the artisans in Cambodia.


Charlene Cervantes developed a love for Cambodia after her first visit in 2008. She returned to Phnom Penh taking inspiration from her first trip and started Full Circle Initiative: a non-profit bringing dance workshops to the youth at Tiny Toones, NGO. Working with Kambuja Trading Co. allows her to continue driving positive change within Cambodian communities and the opportunity to tie her marketing experience into Kambuja Trading Co.


Vinny Lee gained an appreciation for Cambodia after a trip with Anthony and Jaymer.  After witnessing the countryside and interacting with the locals, Vinny really felt inspired to help Tony in his mission to give back to his country.  With his knowledge and experience in the design industry, Vinny aspires to bring an optimistic approach to less privileged communities.  He hopes to make a positive impact with his art direction and vision not just for Kambuja Trading Co. but for the people of Cambodia.


Jaymer Delapena developed an affinity for Cambodia over a series of trips with Anthony. His first visit to Angkor Wat was spiritual and moving. The grand scale of the temples and intricate detail was the spark of inspiration to do something greater for people where technology was not at the center of their lives. Spending most of his career working in design and tech, he co-found Kambuja Trading with Anthony as a challenge to pay it forward by advocating responsibly made products and the highlighting the people behind them.