The products we curate help support underdeveloped countries, by creating ideal conditions that empower the makers to produce and distribute unique and creative goods. 

Here at home, we offer the opportunity for our customers to take part in contributing to the change, by highlighting the products and the people that make them possible. 

Every product we carry has a story to tell. #productswithstories



Khmer Krama - Newsy Plaid Kiri

Clean cut panes of black and grey upon a snowy background make for a classy krama that says you’re light on your feet no matter what’s coming down from the sky. Meanwhile, a sturdy cotton weave provides the rugged support you need to stay toasty as you move on up to any kiri (Mountain Peak) or get down in the grind of a frozen-over concrete jungle.

Khmer Krama - Crimson and Indigo Vichet

Deep indigo blue and rich crimson red exemplify all things vichet (magnificent and colorful). This plush selection is fancy enough for royalty and real enough for the streets. Containing equal elements from the old and new schools, this deeply toned krama embodies Kambuja’s philosophy of being down with new opportunities for traditional artisans.

Khmer Krama - Raven Samay
from 60.00

The Raven Samay (Modern/Contemporary) is a game changer, rendering the infinity scarf in thick, soft, organic cotton instead of the usual prickly wool or synthetics. Soft and warm, this standout is excellent worn in a double loop close to the neck, or in a single drape to play up a duality of stripes opposite  a panel of richly textured, all-natural black pigment.



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