Pardon my French

Kambuja Trading is excited to share that one of our first customer is none other than the Napa Valley based, 3 Michelin star The French Laundry. Cited by Anthony Bourdain as “..the best restaurant in the world period”.

Kambuja Trading is proud to announce this affiliation to fuse the distinct flavor of our Kampot Peppercorns with a handful of prepared dishes ranging from shortbread cookies, to caviar, and various sauces. This relationship with The French Laundry is a testament to our mission, and a precedent to our business model to source fine goods and continue to build connections with a like-minded community.

French Laundry Chef

Whether you’re a foodie or a well renowned chef, our Kampot Peppercorns will influence the way you look at preparing dishes, by simply choosing the best ingredients.

Access to quality ingredients for preparing dishes in the home is no longer reserved for Michelin rated French restaurants.  The very same batch of Kampot Peppercorns we provided to The French laundry is now available for purchase in our webstore in limited quantities.

This is only the beginning of a journey to explore South East Asia for the finest products.




Anthony & Jaymer

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