16 ft. of Kampot Peppercorns

This week, we are launching our first series of "FYI" journal posts regarding our coveted product, Kampot peppercorns. This product comes in three variations: black, red, and white and can be purchased directly here: link.


Each peppercorn variation is harvested from a vine that grows for at least 3 years, before farmers are able to pick them.  Pictured above is a vine at it's optimal growth stage of nearly 16 feet! A peppercorn vine can grow close to 20 feet at the latter end of it's production life. To put that into perspective, the average height of a Christmas tree is 6.5 feet. A Kampot peppercorn vine, if taken care of can grow for 20 years and reach nearly 3x the size of a typical Christmas tree!

Other general benefits include:

- Kampot peppercorns are specific to the Kampot region in Cambodia - allowing these peppers to have a Protected Geographical Indication Certification (similar to Champagne, which is harvested in a specific region in France)

- Natural quartz is found in the Kampot region, keeping the soil nutrient rich to prolong the life of the peppercorn vines

- No where else in the world, can you find another variation of Kampot peppercorns, making these peppercorns a true treasure of Cambodia

To learn more, stay posted on our blog for a new post next week. Cheers!