Our Story

Kambuja Trading Co. delivers small-batch goods focusing on sustainability and global collaboration. Each product incorporates careful design, age-old techniques and thoughtful partnerships with artisans from around the world.



Our Beliefs


Small Batch. Big Output.

Prioritizing a manageable workload for our artisans allows them to maintain priorities of their own - Like keeping handmade products, hand made, and their work-life balance, balanced.


Partnerships of Purpose

We’re on a first-name basis with our sources. No faceless distributors. No in-betweens. Our goods come direct from our overseas partners, each a result of thoughtful collaboration and trust.


Deliberate Design

We work closely with our artisans, empowering them to harness their creativity and utilize traditional techniques towards new visions resulting in fresh, but timeless pieces.



Our Artisans

We work with small businesses in Cambodia that promise fair wages and opportunities for their artisans to take charge of their own destiny. Here are a few of our partners:

Cambodian Weaving Village

The Cambodian Weaving Village is made up of a family network of artisans in the Takeo Province of Southern Cambodia who put countless hours of meticulous care into each of our handmade Kramas. From picking raw cotton to extracting dyes from natural ingredients, each step is like a stroke of paint on canvas. 



Kampot Peppercorn Farmers

Located in the Kampot region of Cambodia, our farmers provide fair wages for its employees and serve as a certified Protected Geographical Indication Kampot pepper farm. Each farmer is a member of the Kampot Pepper Promotion Association. The Peppercorns are made with zero chemical fertilizers and insecticides, helping to preserve the true flavor and aroma of each peppercorn harvested.



Taeko Naturals

Taeko Natural was born amongst a few artisans who produced pure coconut oil for local markets. Since then, the group has grown into 7 artisans who now use their coconut oil as the base for a line of natural soap bars as well as other products such as herbal tea, fruit jams, herbal cosmetics and activated charcoal.  The honest work of these artisans are able to support 35 family members and their partnership only continues to grow.



Theary's Weaving

Our diamond twill patterned throws are developed and handwoven by 7 weavers just outside Siem Reap. The weavers earn fair wages and have the ability to work from home. Each throw undergoes a 3-5 day 4-clutch system process that requires meticulous attention to detail. Eager to develop their technique and master their methods, our weavers are able to continually create a variety of designs and patterns.

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