Kambuja Trading Company's Fall/Winter 2016 collection of plush, 100% sourced, winter-weight cotton krama neckwear that has come a long way so you can floss it in your city’s streets this cold season.

Each krama is hand woven by one of eight women from the Sonas Weaving Village in the rural province of Takeo, Cambodia’s “cradle of civilization.” Only recently, these proud artisans were living off less than a dollar a day earned from seasonal unskilled toil in the rice fields. After learning age old weaving techniques from an elderly master and forming a co-op, they are earning more than they ever knew was possible, reinvesting into their own community, and enjoying the creative freedom of bona fide artists. Rather than commute to a city factory, the weavers work in a collaborative workshop environment, surrounded by traditional hand looms and locally sourced, naturally dyed fibers.

No symbolism or charity here: rather than mass market the finely checkered national garment traditionally worn in Cambodia and donate a slice of the proceeds to a separate cause, Kambuja engages in a dialogue and process with our creative partners of Takeo to develop and produce original designs that nod to the legacy of the krama while embodying modern times and a forward-looking attitude. The local people who bring these spirited krama scarves before us are not workers for the company, they are the company, and their products are the growth and empowerment that you provide when you decide you’re sold on our story and buy in to the goods and the good of Kambuja Trading Company.